The school at a glance

   The emblem of the school totally signifies the principle and foundation where the school stands for. These elements in the emblem provide the following:-

  • Motto - "To Learn To Shine."
  • The Star - It symbolic to indicate illumination by the divine Light
  • The Shield - It signifies the divine protection.
  • Yellow - It indicate to become Precious like Gold.
  • Blue- It indicates Learning God's deep love to His children.

   We focus to make discipline a core value, encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility through a well planned academic schedule, House system, various Inter School, Intra School competitions and Sports activities.

   The school has a well-planned curriculum where extra curricular activities are also given due importance. In order to better prepare and equips a child for secondary level, where we use MBOSE syllabus, we stress the importance to combine both CBSE and ICSE syllabus right from pre- primary, lower primary upto upper-primary. Every student must possess a school dairy which provides all the important information's of the school like routine, rules and regulation, uniforms, activities and feedback from teachers. The management and our team of experienced teachers are doing their best to give every child the required edge to make his/her mark in academic environment.


The Founding of the School

  Ches' Stars Higher Secondary School was founded in 1991 by (L) Jwan Jones Syngkon and his wife (L) Sibyl Rease Chullai, along with their youngest daughter Smt. Marchelang Jones Chullai and her husband Shri. Snarbor Laloo as Co-founders. The school is located at Lower Chutwakhu, Jowai, West Jaintia Hills District within the state of Meghalaya.

  The school was named in honour of the founder's five children. The name Ches' signifies 'Pentacrostic Cildra' which symbolizes the five children of the late founders whereby the syllable 'Che' is present in the name of each of their children. Stars indicate illumination by the divine light. The School's motto is 'To Learn, to Shine.' These four words represents the beliefs and ideals that through learning, the students will acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare them for their future where they can shine as bright as the stars.

Early Years

  Within the precinct of the founder's residential building, class Nursery was set up with only one classroom, for a number of 30 -35 students. Despite the odds of trials and many challenges, the school was determined to create a positive learning environment for the little ones.

Expansion and Growth

  Over the years, the school expanded, adding more classrooms and facilities. Reflecting on the importance of digital literacy, the school also embraced modem technology and began to adopt a more innovative and progressive learning and teaching method, by introducing smart boards to provide a more effective and engaging learning environment for the students.

  The introduction of Higher Secondary Section in the year 2021, marked a significant milestone in the history of the school. This section aims to prepare the students to make the best decision, before they go into the world of independence and proceed in their career choices.


  We envision that every student emerges from our school will become unique personalities, an example of high moral standard, inbuilt with life principles wherever they are serving in various responsibilities and capacities. Our humble efforts are to contribute to the communities and societies as builder in every respect.


  We cover to educate not only the basic knowledge of our surrounding world but also the total element of human being which includes the body, soul and spirit based on a christian faith and practices.

Achievements and Events

  The school has crossed many milestones and won many achievements over the years. Many students have performed exceptionally well in their SSLC exams. Our students have actively participated in several extracurricular programs and in the past won numerous accolades in essay competitions, exhibitions, quizzes, sports and other events.

Achievements and Events

Event Name Position Year

School Anthem

We celebrate our golden past,
Our future just beginning.
To learn, to shine, reach for the stars,
All dreams will be fulfilling.

Friends we value, those who last,
Friends from all communities,
Leaders we choose, guidance we follow,
The future is our hands.

There is one thread that binds us all,
A thread of white and blue,
Spun with creed and spirit true,
Of faith, hope and love.

As we pursue, our hopes and dreams,
On the path that lies before us,
Our future bright, we will reach new height,
With Ches' Stars as our guide.